The little dancing caterpillar

Theater for all ages!

Everyone knows about the „little hungry caterpillar“ but who has ever heard of the little dancing caterpillar? This caterpillar is a really nice and little green caterpillar with a couple of yellow stripes and red polka dots.  She lives in a delicious, leafy tree house right next door to a dance school.  Every day she can hear the music from the dance school and since she likes the music soooo much, she started to watch all the dance rehearsals.  Now she can’t stop thinking about dancing, dancing, dancing!

Technical requirements

Performer:  Amy Weinstein

Duration:  45 – 50 Minutes

Stage size: 6 m x 3 m min. 

Set-up time:  120 minutes

Breakdown: 60 minutes

Audience: For families and kids from 3 years on up!