For children and adults of all ages

We all know it:  That hustle and bustle that happens before Christmas.  We have so much to do:  get a tree and decorate it to perfrection, buy lots of gifts that are „just right“ for each loved one and then wrap them allup…..This show is a humorous (and slightly ironic) look at all that as it plays out with in Kasper’s world  Join Kasper, the Princess and of course, the ornery crocodile as they prepare for and celebrate Christmas.  And be ready to sing along, too!

Technical requirements

Performers:  Amy Weinstein, Brigitte Graykastle

Duration:  45 – 50 Minutes

Stage size: 4m x 3m

Type of Puppets:  Kasper handpuppets with actor    

Set-up time:  120 minutes

Breakdown: 60 minutes