meet the puppets


A mixture of performance, audience participation and conversation, this lively show is entertaining and educational for all ages.  Performer Amy Weinstein keeps things hopping by performing short scenes with a wide range of puppets—hand, rod and string.  In between, artist and audience talk about the type of puppets used, what they are made of and any other questions the audience may have. The audience actually guides this conversation but Amy also needs the help of her audience, trying out things, testing different puppets and most importantly, helping her perform one of the scenes.  This is more than a show—this is a chance to watch but also to touch the puppets and even to get on stage and try something out yourself!

Technical requirements

Created and performed by:  Amy Weinstein

Duration:  45 – 60 Minutes

Stage size:  4 m x 3 m (This show works in most spaces)

Type of Puppets:  Mixed with actors          

Set-up time:  90 minutes

Breakdown: 45 minutes