mama and rosie performance 1


Rosie is a lively young girl who REALLY wants to play outside but since it’s stormy, her mother doesn’t let her. Disappointed and angry, she stomps to her room for a boring afternoon only to discover new “friends”, ie; the audience. She decides to sing and play with her new friends, happy to teach them her favorite songs in English if they don’t already know them and inviting them to her room to try out some of the surprises she keeps under her bed! Rosie is bilingual, loves to laugh, play and sing and together with the audience turns a grey day into one full of life and color.

Created and performed by:  Amy Weinstein

Duration: 45 – 55 minutes 

Stage size: 5 meters wide x 3 meters deep minimum

Puppet Style: Tabletop with musician    

Director: Amy Weinstein

Performers: Amy Weinstein, Brigitte Greykastle

Audience: 2 – 9 years