A tabletop show with puppets, actors and music

It’s time for the puppet show to begin. The puppeteers arrive a bit late, carrying a big box of puppets and carrying on themselves. When the box is opened, it is empty – almost. The box contains only a book, an egg and old newspaper. But the SHOW MUST GO ON! Using the book as a guide, the puppeteers work together to create a new show on the spot.

In this show, three very different animals, an ostrich, a tiger and an elephant, all try their best to hatch a mysterious egg, but to no avail. When it finally hatches on its own, a delightful new creature, Babui, is born. The ostrich, tiger and elephant all feel like parents to Babui and want to take care of him and love him but these parent animals become jealous of one another. Amidst their quarrels, they lose sight of Babui, who takes a journey of his own. Only by working together can the parent animals protect and nurture Babui.

Using the relationship between the performers as a reflection of the adult animal relationships, this modern-day fairy tale is played out with movement, sound, attitude and music. Very few words are needed as the performers and tabletop puppets tell a story about love, care and cooperation.


Technical requirements

Performers:  Amy Weinstein, Brigitte Graykastle

Duration:  50 – 60 Minutes

Stage size: 5 m x 3 m min.

Type of Puppets:  Tabletop, string and rod puppets  

Language: English, German, Spanish

Set-up time:  120 minutes

Breakdown: 60 minutes